Baptism and confirmation
On Sunday 17th December 2017 Cranhill Parish Church celebrated the baptism of three young people and the confirmation of three others. This followed a six week ‘Discipleship Lab’ with the young people exploring Luke’s gospel. Diary of a Disciple: Luke’s Story by Emma Randall and Gemma Willis (S.U) was a useful resource as the cartoons and quirky style helped those who are new to English engage with the text. Most have read it at their own pace. The young people asked questions, discussed, played a board game designed to help them place the events and people of Holy Week, and thought about baptism as a beginning not an end. We also shared a meal together each week. As part of their preparation, each young person prepared an introduction for themselves, telling us about hobbies and interests but also about their desire to be ‘a child of God’ and to ‘live a new life’. This was shared with the congregation a part of the service.

Working with the young people, we hope to start a weekly youth group to enjoy getting to know one another and explore faith. The themes and ideas in the pack prepared by the Mission and Discipleship Council to celebrate the Year of Young People in 2018 will be a great help.

young team

Destiny, Wisdom and Lucy were confirmed and Priscila, Miracle and Terry were baptised on Sunday 17th December 2017. Pictured here with family members and Rev Muriel Pearson with Sonia Blakesley, minister in training.

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